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Sophia Chong

Founder of First Global Properties

Sophia, a Business Management and Corporate Finance graduate, transitioned from a Business Development Manager to an agile strategist, driving consistent growth for 15 years. In 2016, she founded First Global Properties, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

As a leader, Sophia emphasizes teamwork, fostering collaboration and excellence. Under her guidance, the team optimized profits through strategic initiatives. Her achievements include prestigious awards such as the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Young Entrepreneur Golden Brick Award in 2019.

Sophia’s success is a testament to overcoming challenges with clear goals in mind.

Rusnidah Sanusi -

Group Director (RSG)
012-228 8545

CK Hoo -

Group Manager (CKG)
018-256 0490

Alex Chew -

Group Manager (AXG)
011-2610 7399

Clement Chew -

Team Leader (DBG)
017-366 1426

Abdul Razak -

Pre Leader (RGG)